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Cost of annual tuition plus room & board for a single student.

Each dollar you spend goes directly towards funding student tuition and improvements of their educational experience.



Saint Bakhita's is committed to providing a bright future to its students through excellent education in tailoring, ICT (computer applications), agriculture, hospitality, catering, and hairdressing.

With your help, innovations in farming, energy, and additional study areas could become a reality.


Student Daycare

Since 65% of Saint Bakhita's students have young children, daycare is a big concern for the majority of students at Saint Bakhita's.

In collaboration with the University of Notre Dame, Saint Bakhita's is building an on-site daycare so that students can focus on their education.



Uganda faces a serious deforestation problem. Fueled by rapid urbanization, complex land ownership laws, widespread charcoal use, and the remnants of civil war, 63% of Ugandan forests have been lost in the last 25 years.


St. Bakhita's plans to plant a variety of native tree species which will promote biodiversity, carbon-efficient and neutral charcoal and timber production, and entrepreneurial and agroforestry education.


Energy Sufficiency

Due to Saint Bakhita's remote location and an undeveloped energy grid, there are many problems with getting the power needed for education.

This is why Saint Bakhita's is constantly expanding and improving its solar panel system to provide quality education to its students.

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